Friday, February 12, 2010

Let it Snow

it was so beautiful in birmingham today. we had 2 inches of snow. max is too small to appreciate this but his dad was very excited about "max's first snow". there have been many conversations about how age 2 is the perfect age to start skiing. ryan insisted that we take a "family picture". i had just gotten home from work and smelled like green beans - but he was so excited I couldn't disappoint. happy snow day everyone.

Monday, February 8, 2010

there has been much debate regarding who max favors... here are a few of ryan's baby pics. i see some O-pa and some ryan in max. he has already changed so much in 9 weeks.

9 weeks old today and loving every minute...

well maybe not every minute... max had his first round of vaccines last week which was not fun. he is now 10lbs 7oz, 22 in, and healthy as a tick. 7 hour stretches of sleep are more frequent which has been great. ryan's dad "grandpa joe" has been staying with us and taking care of max while i work. we are so lucky to have him. max is passed from one set of warm arms to another... i hope we aren't creating a monster. :)

love our little monster...