Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally Home

we have settled nicely into our new home. not completely settled - but things are finding places. we planned a trip last year before our house was even on the market to go to sugar mountain, nc. this trip made us take a break from working around the house and it was well worth it. we had a wonderful week there relaxing, skiing/sledding, and enjoying max at 14 months. what a fun stage. ryan's sister meg and her husband clay joined us which made the week even more special. max is dancing, conducting music (which his o-pa taught him), and sleeping like a log. he has 6 teeth and 3 molars that are 1/2 way here. he can't be comfortable - but so far only one sleepless night so he is fighting thru it. it has been a great month for us and we are looking forward to the weather warming up and enjoying our big new yard.