Sunday, January 30, 2011


we are finally in our new (old) home. it feels like "home" and we couldn't be more excited. we will all miss living with O-pa but he will (and already has) come over for several visits.

i thought we would have a few rough nights transitioning to the new house... but our little sleeper has not had one bad night. he settled right in with no trouble at all as we all have. we have now been here 2 weeks and although the boxes aren't put away we are settled enough, and have clocked lots of hours in the back yard. last week max got 2 more teeth... which makes a total of 6. he is finally branching out and eating some "real food"... but he still prefers baby food, yogurt, etc... but he is growing and healthy and all is right in our little world. i wish i could freeze time because this is such a fun stage. lots of walking and cackling.

Lots of Walking

little max took his first steps on Dec 22... he had been climbing on chairs, ottomans, and couches for 2 months so i knew once he trusted the floor he would take off... and that is exactly what happened. he started on carpet and now he is walking all over. it's hard to believe.

Merry Christmas

we had a wonderful Christmas... we were not moved into the new house but it was even more special being able to spend Christmas morning with O-ma & O-pa and then heading to Aunt Meg and Uncle Clay's new home in Athens, Al where we spent the afternoon with the McCorkle side of the family. It was a white Christmas as well which made the day even more magical. Merry Christmas everyone.