Friday, November 26, 2010

11 months... November

we had a wonderful thanksgiving. the weekend before we went to callaway gardens with o-ma to see the christmas light exhibit. we also squeezed in the butterfly house, flowers, and walks on the bike trails. it was a wonderful trip. we headed to hartselle to spend thanksgiving with ryan's family. max got to see his cousins lina and rebecca, and his grandparents and aunt meg & uncle clay spoiled him beyond belief. before thanksgiving max got 2 top teeth. they have broken the surface, but have not come all the way in. another big change is no bottle. he refuses to take a bottle or drink milk of any kind, formula or cows milk. we are sneaking formula into his baby food.

i remember sitting in hartselle last thanksgiving big and pregnant. it is hard to believe a year has passed. we are especially thankful this thanksgiving for a healthy, happy baby boy. happy thanksgiving!!!

10/11 months.... better late than never

max is getting very used to communal living. since we have been living with o-pa there are extra arms to hold and spoil. it has been great having the extra help, but i am afraid max will be in shock when we move. o-pa wraps him in a blanket every morning and they get the paper.

10/11 months.... better late than never

max's 10th and 11th month have been very eventful. we have been living with o-pa and trying to remodel the bathrooms in our new home. everything is painted and we hope to be moved in by Christmas.

9 month pictures... old town helena

it was 5:30pm... max was tired, hungry, and not wanting to have his picture taken but our friend amanda was able to capture the sweet smiles we see everyday in-between bites of banana.

9 months

growing, growing, moving...

our 9th month was busy busy. we sold our first home. it was bitter sweet for me because this was the house where Ryan proposed, and max's first home. it holds special memories for us... but a 3 story townhouse is not ideal for a crawling baby. it will be missed.