Saturday, September 4, 2010

8 months

we have had a very busy 8th month. max is now crawling, pulling up, and standing. he is also pushing a toy and walking a few steps behind it. still only the 2 teeth... i keep thinking we are going to wake up one morning and max will have a top tooth. busy times at the mccorkle house! we also had "baby bedlham" which is a family reunion we have to get all of the kids together. max was the youngest this year and he LOVED his cousins. all of the older girls passed him from one set of arms to another. it was lots of fun. we also took another trip to the beach in august with ryan's company. it was oma's first trip to baytowne in sandestin and we had a great time. max also had his first push-up/ice cream. needless to say he loved it!