Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7 months

it has been almost a month since my last post and our little guy has grown so much. at 6 1/2 months max got his first tooth. two days later the 2nd tooth appeared. two bottom teeth... perfect. i realized when we saw the first tooth that we would never see that precious toothless baby smile again. a reminder of how fast he is growing. i must admit (even though the teeth are precious) i cried a little.

max is also sitting up all by himself, eating "food" 3 times a day, and sleeping very soundly for 11-12 hours every night. these are very happy days...

we went to the beach again over the 4th of july with some friends. we shared a condo with our friends chaney and patrick. they do not have children but insisted that we stay with them. max was an angel but i think we have set them back at least 3 more years from having children. :-) one day chaney said to me "i feel like you have fed max 20 times today". i told her he only ate 5 times which is great compared to the every 2 hours they eat as infants. it was funny. max ended up having an allergy to either the sun or the sunscreen... still not exactly sure. we were prescribed steroid cream which cleared up the rash quickly but we will have to be careful with the sun/sunscreen until we pinpoint what the exact problem is. max loves the water so we knew something was wrong when he cried in the pool. the chlorine was irritating his rash... poor baby. all is well now and he is still loving the baby pool ryan bought for our back porch.