Saturday, March 13, 2010

14 weeks

max will be 14 weeks old on monday. hard to believe. ryan was out of town this past week for work. i thought it would be tough - but the little guy and I were just fine. we certainly missed ryan but we managed. he is now sleeping from 8-6:30 pretty regularly which makes life a lot easier. some nights i have to help him with the passie (several times) but i can't complain when he is sleeping so well. there is no better feeling than the smile i get when i look into his crib in the morning. sweet boy.

the picture above was taken during ryan's very lengthy bath preparation. max was so tired he crashed before we could even get the water warm.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

12 weeks

3 months... where to begin.
max is sleeping in his crib... in his room. after a few rough nights of adjusting he has been sleeping from 9-5. we finally feel like we are on a "schedule" and we all feel a little more normal now that our little guy is sleeping well. i think it was harder on mom than max. it was nice having him in the bassinet next to my bed. i was able to hear every peep so i knew he was ok. i found myself waking up hourly the first few nights to look at the monitor. i can't explain the panic i felt when i woke up and couldn't see him in the monitor one night. i flew into his room and had to laugh when i saw him squished at the end of his crib. he somehow managed to shimmy down to the bottom of the bed. he was sound asleep. it is bitter sweet...

ryan's dad "grandpa joe" stayed with us and kept max for 5 weeks so i could go back to work. we were so fortunate to have him so max could stay at home. it was hard when he left but max had his first day with his babysitter gwen yesterday. we are sharing a babysitter with a friend who's son is 3 months older than max. i cried when ryan took him yesterday but i know he is in good hands. one advantage of having a babysitter vs daycare is i can call anytime to check in... and i have.