Sunday, May 2, 2010

Almost 5 months!

hard to believe max will be 5 months old in 3 days. we have had lots of adventures since my last post. we surprised ryan with a visit to the "dropzone" to watch him skydive. it was a big weekend, a "boogie" as they call it. hot air balloon jumps, along with airplane jumps. o-pa flew up to watch for a few hours and grandpa joe also stopped in for a visit. it was a fun weekend.

we also took max on his first camping trip along with our good friends sean and ashley. we borrowed uncle jess's pop up camper and stayed 2 nights at desoto state park outside of gadsden,al. i have to be honest... i was nervous about taking a 4 month old camping. it was a beautiful weekend and max slept better with the fresh air than he has for many weeks at home. although max is still in his bed from 7pm-6am every night he has been waking up several times throughout the night. we try to troubleshoot to see what the problem is but i guess it is just a phase. my friends tell me he could be on his way to getting a tooth. i hope this is the case. i need there to be a reason for these long nights. :) you want to make him comfortable but you also do not want to break the routine we have worked so hard to master. nights have been difficult the last few weeks but max is still a delight during the day. he is now big enough to play in the exersaucer. he is starting to laugh out loud and there is nothing more precious.

max is also eating oatmeal out of a bowl. he loves it. we will start introducing vegetables this week. as you can imagine i got lots of baby cookbooks at my baby shower. i will attempt to make his baby food. wish me luck!